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CBS drew a Tony Romo cartoon and it's delightful

We had some ideas as to what it looked like.

During Thursday Night Football between the Eagles and Panthers, CBS showed a graphic called “Tony’s Take” for Tony Romo. It was an awkward and funny looking cartoon.

It inspired us to determine what else he looks like, and this is what we came up with.

Here’s what we think Tony’s Take Tony looks like

The logo for a frozen pizza

A teacher of basic math

A promoter of CBS sitcoms

A modern version of Clippy

Other things Tony’s Takes Tony looks like:

  • He looks like he’s about to sell someone a used Honda.
  • He looks like the logo of a beachside restaurant with questionable wings
  • Tony Romo Teaches Typing, now available for Windows 95
  • He looks like Charlie Sheen trying to promote Two and a Half men. - Kofie Yeboah

What do you think he looks like? Let us know in the comments.