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Tony Romo makes corny dad joke saying Demi Lovato is married to Eagles’ Rick Lovato

Try again, Tony.

Tony Romo’s been great ever since he joined the broadcast booth. He’s offered up great explanations, and made some spot on predictions. During the Eagles-Panthers game on Thursday night, he introduced a new element to his game — bad dad jokes.

Late in the first quarter, CBS cameras showed Rick Lovato, when Romo said, “And there’s Rick Lovato, Demi Lovato’s husband.”

It was followed by some awkward silence, and an uncomfortably chuckling Jim Nantz.

“You know how many people just picked up their phone and started a Google search on Rick Lovato?” Nantz said.

That might have brought you to this post. Whether you were trying to figure out if Rick Lovato was actually married to Demi Lovato, or if you too thought this was a bad joke.