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Joe Maddon has a new, lived-in look ... and we need to roast it

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The Cubs’ manager showed off his travel day attire, and the best part is imagining Bruce Bochy wearing the same thing.

Oh, look, it’s Joe Maddon giving a press conference.

Nothing unusual about that. Just a manager giving a press conference. Thanks for visiting SB Nation.

I mean, I suppose if you look at that picture closely, Joe Maddon looks like...

  • Drew Carey if he grew up in Santa Monica.
  • A divorced dad showing up to his ex-wife’s house to pick up his kids for the first time.
  • A theater professor who wouldn’t get high with his students, but wouldn’t say anything when they smelled a little festive.
  • Someone who saw American Beauty twice in the theaters.
  • A guy who’s been to eight different SXSW, but is thinking about skipping the next one because, eh, you know.
  • That guy who spoke in front of the whole school at your assembly about the mistakes he used to make.
  • An elite Yelper who gets more “cool” votes for his reviews than “useful,” though it’s pretty close.
  • The dean of Springfield University when Homer goes back to college.
  • The guy sighing loudly behind me as I flip through records at a garage sale.
  • The CEO of the company that created the Whosit app, which allows real-time virtual conversations between people in your selected buddy cloud.
  • Your friend’s dad, who used to smoke a pack a day and quit in 1991, but wouldn’t mind bumming one right now, as long as you’re all bullshitting.
  • Dale. From across the street. Hey, what’s up, Dale.*

* Note: Dale kind of bugs you

  • The main character from Up if he were also Bono’s uncle.
  • The old guy at the club.

Note that the Bono one was my favorite, but I stole it from Whitney McIntosh in Slack. There are more comparisons out there:

Joe Maddon looks like a lot of things. A baseball manager isn’t one of them. But the good news is he gives us fodder. I love fodder.