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Joel Embiid told the Heat bench to come get Hassan Whiteside after his third foul

Protect Joel Embiid at all costs.

Joel Embiid doesn’t care if it’s only the preseason. If you’re on the opposing team and you keep fouling him, he’s going to tell his teammates on the bench to get you outta there. At least that’s what he pretended to to against the Miami Heat on Friday night when he faced Hassan Whiteside.

This happened after the third Whiteside foul on Embiid. Were they really hard fouls? Not necessarily. It’s mostly just Embiid messing around, but we’re glad he did. Hassan seemed to enjoy it; he just laughed it off like everyone else.


But can you blame Embiid for wanting to get rid of all the tomfoolery going on in the court? The dude just signed a 5-year $146-million deal. He wants no part in irresponsible fouls that could result in injuries. In the unlucky event something like that would happen, you bet Embiid would be at Whiteside’s door the next day asking for some compensation. It’s only fair, really.

Here’s hoping we see more these two bigs battle it out in the regular season, laughs and all.

Update: While it did look like the two players were just having fun in the preseason, maybe Embiid was taking it seriously after all? He tweeted this after the game: