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NFL broadcaster Dick Stockton had a Ron Burgundy moment during Rams vs. Jaguars

I’m Ron Burgundy?

Reading off of a teleprompter is good, but can also be bad.

Dick Stockton showed the bad side of reading the teleprompter during FOX’s broadcast of the Rams vs. Jaguars game, when he uttered the words, “Look on graphic for final two bullet points.”

In a world where Stockton doesn’t sound nearly as ridiculous, he would have told us that the Chiefs were looking to stay undefeated, and that the Raiders were hosting the Chargers in Oakland.

But he also really tried to sell us on those final two bullet points, which makes this even more hilarious.

Instead, he did his best Ron Burgundy impression.

It’s not the first teleprompter bluff by FOX this year:

Clearly FOX and their broadcasters are off to a slow start this season, but still have time to pick things up before we get down the stretch and the postseason starts.