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Gordon Hayward suffers horrific injury to ankle in season opener

Hayward’s season could very well be over before it started.

Less than six minutes into the very first game of the NBA season between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers, All-Star forward Gordon Hayward dislocated his ankle and fractured the tibia in his left foot, according to ESPN’s Rachel Nichols.

We will not post the graphic video, but here are a few images of player and fan reactions:

The Celtics signed Hayward to a near-max contract after he led the Utah Jazz to their most successful season this decade. He was set to become the premier wing player for a Boston Big 3 that also featured Kyrie Irving and Al Horford.

It is unclear how long Hayward will be out, but given the gruesome nature of his injury, he could be gone for the season.

Gordon Hayward's injury met by outpouring of support