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Kyrie Irving had a special moment with LeBron James and Cavaliers after season opener

All offseason drama aside, Kyrie and his former team shared warm moments after a hard fought opener.

The Celtics and Cavaliers opener was highly anticipated after Kyrie Irving’s trade from Cleveland to Boston during the offseason, allegedly at Irving’s request. The two teams played a close game, but at the end of it, it was all respect after a hard-fought battle.

LeBron James and Irving dapped up at the end of the game, after Irving’s attempt to send the game into overtime was unsuccessful.

Look at that sweet embrace.

Kyrie also dapped up the rest of his former team. It was a great moment after an emotional game, that included one of the most gruesome injuries we’ve seen on a basketball court with Gordon Hayward.

The NBA season is finally upon us, and the Cavaliers and Celtics opened it up as well as we could have asked for, minus devastating injuries.

Here’s to what’s hopefully a great NBA season.