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The Warriors' new championship rings are pretty as hell

For real though.

The Golden State Warriors got those beautiful pieces of hardware for winning the 2017 NBA Finals — you know, the championship rings.

I don’t own a lot of jewelry, but I can tell you from my expert analysis that is a fine piece:

Here’s what the stock photos of the rings look like:

Here’s what they looked like on the TNT broadcast, because you just can’t get enough views of championship rings.

It really doesn’t matter if your favorite team isn’t winning these, they always look spectacular. If you say otherwise you’re just being a hater.

Kevin Durant told the Mercury News prior to the Warriors’ opener, “Basketball accomplishments to me are what they are and I can kind of separate the two now. It’s more so just cool as hell.”

He added, “It’s like getting a prized possession that you’re just really excited about versus getting something that’s going to just change your life. It’s a different dynamic for me. I think I’ll be more so giddy and happy than emotional.”

Players love to win championships so they can say they are the best, but those rings will never not be pretty.