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A 2nd Bills player has now spent $900 on an Uber ride from Chicago to Buffalo

That isn’t cheap!

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Brandon Reilly took advantage of Uber to the fullest, with a ride that cost him a smooth $900.

Reilly missed his connecting flight to Buffalo, and was stranded in Chicago after finding nothing else available. He was then faced with choosing between renting a car and calling an Uber, and decided Uber was the way to go.

The trip from Chicago to Buffalo is 550 miles. That’s also not exactly an inexpensive bill (no pun intended) for a practice squad member like Reilly, compared to somebody on the roster.

“I was pretty tired,” Reilly told reporters in the Bills locker room Monday, via Buffalo Rumblings. “I remembered talking to Shareece about his trip, so I'm like, ‘I’ll give it a try.’ The third driver finally took it.”

The driver intially thought that Reilly typed in the address wrong because of the length of the trip. When he realized Reilly didn’t, he said “I’ll get it done.”

Reilly made it to the team’s facility at 7:15 a.m. ET on Monday — just in time.

Reilly isn’t the first member of the Bills to hitch an expensive Uber ride. Cornerback Shareece Wright spent $932.08 on a ride in June so he wouldn’t miss out on the team’s voluntary practice.

Wright also commented on Reilly’s trip, and said, “It was awesome, I guess, that he thought about me,” Wright said. “Kind of made his life a little bit easier. Like, ‘If Shareece did it, I can do it now.’ We don't want a trend of doing that, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I'm happy he made it here on time.”

Oddly, both Reilly and Wright’s trips both came from Chicago.

H/T Buffalo Rumblings