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13 reasons to watch Lonzo Ball this year even if you can't stand his dad

The man can wear any shoe he wants, punches basketballs to teammates, and can double as an NFL quarterback.

Los Angeles Lakers Media Day Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

By now you’re probably tired of hearing about Lonzo Ball, LaVar Ball and Big Baller Brand.

But you still need to be watching Lonzo, the No. 2 overall pick in this year’s NBA Draft. And once you do, it’ll dawn on you pretty quickly that your inherent bias against one of the top talents to enter the league in recent memory has absolutely nothing to do with him or his actual basketball skill.

With all the drama stemming from one of the most polarizing families in all of sports, it’s easy to press the mute button on all things Ball related. And for good reason — LaVar Ball says what the hell he wants, for better or worse.

LaVar’s bold predictions may have overhyped his talented son well before the Lakers’ season opener against the Clippers on Wednesday, but let’s not forget one very important fact:

A lot of that hype was warranted. Here’s a fun reminder why:

Remember when Lonzo Superman Punched an assist?

There’s an off chance this might happen

He even turned it into his own set of emojis

He can casually pull-up from halfcourt

Gonna have to play full-court D on the kid.

We still have no idea what sneakers he’ll wear

Variety is the spice of life.

He’s got a little rivalry with De’Aaron Fox

You might need this:

He can start the fast break

... and finish it


He also rockets full-court passes like Kevin Love

The Jets need a quarterback if this whole basketball thing doesn’t work out.

He turned around UCLA’s offense, and will probably help the Lakers

He makes it look so easy sometimes

Beautiful finish.

He’ll probably break someone’s ankles this season

Nahhhh hold up.

The disrespect.

And he’ll have at least one disrespectful moment

Ready to watch some Lonzo Ball yet? Thought so.