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Chiefs’ RT Mitchell Schwartz brings the hammer

Look at all these disrespectful blocks! Retired NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz is back with pancakes for everyone!

It’s BACK! Your favorite video of the week is hot off the presses — Disrespectful Blocks of the Week for Week 6. We’ve gotten to the point where I have to exclude some worthy blocks because I have too many of them. That’s because y’all have been outstanding with sending me clips to review, so please keep it up.

We start in Kansas City. Tough loss for the Chiefs, but they can bounce back Thursday against the Raiders, who by the way, are next in this reel. If y’all follow me on Twitter, which you should be doing, you know I love talking about my brother, Chiefs right tackle Mitchell Schwartz. He’s a stud.

Here he is bringing the hammer to a Steelers defender who dared to bring some pressure. MAY THE SCHWARTZ BE WITH YOU!

The Chiefs play the struggling Raiders on Thursday. Oakland’s run game used to be downhill, but the Raiders are moving more toward an outside zone running scheme, which has taken some time for the line to get used to. However, they don’t need to get used to finishing people. They have always done that. Here is Gabe Jackson being a tackle’s best friend as he knock downs a spinning Joey Bosa.

Moving right along to a first-timer on the reel, Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey against the Atlanta Falcons in their big upset win from Sunday! Mike takes this Atlanta defender off the screen. That’s a finish!

Another first-timer to the reel is Saints guard Andrus Peat. He had an excellent game on Sunday. He even had more than one block that I could have put on this video. I decided to add the screen because he did it exactly how it’s coached. You want to stay flat when you come out on a screen because it’s easier to adjust to the defender when he’s still in front of you. If you come out too far up the field, the defender can beat you to the spot and make the play. It’s all about angles, and on this play, finish.

Lastly, a reel favorite, Washington’s Brandon Scherff. When I floated this idea for the weekly project, we discussed having a winner for the season. Scherff is clearly in the lead. He is a monster, and he continues with this block from Sunday!