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The Chiefs-Raiders ending was completely bonkers. Let's review

The ending of this could not have been better.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The end of the Chiefs-Raiders game on Thursday night was a hectic finish that had a wild catch, tons of penalties, untimed downs, and chaos. It took a while, but the Raiders would eventually come away with the 31-30 win.

The win saved the Raiders’ season, giving them a win against their division leader, making the Chiefs fall to 5-2, and putting the Raiders at 3-4.

But let’s talk about the end of this game, which made for the best game through six weeks and change of the 2017 season.

First, Jared Cook made an incredible catch.

The Raiders were down 30-24, when Derek Carr launched a pass to Jared Cook on fourth-and-11 that initially appeared to be a touchdown. He caught the pass over three Chiefs defenders, falling straight back. The degree of difficulty on this one is high.

However, after review, it was ruled that Cook’s rear end hit the ground with the ball just short of the goal line.

The play ended with 18 seconds, and because it was overturned after initially being ruled a touchdown, there was a 10-second runoff, giving Oakland eight seconds to work with.

Michael Crabtree then caught the game-winner, but committed OPI.

The push off by Crabtree on Marcus Peters was rather obvious, but it left three seconds on the clock for the Raiders to work with.

The Chiefs were then called for holding on the ensuing play, after Cook wasn’t able to come down with the ball. The football was placed at the 5-yard line, on an untimed down.

The next play, Carr threw it to Cordarrelle Patterson in the back of the end zone, and he caught it out of bounds.

But because of a defensive holding, the Raiders had yet another untimed down.

Then the Raiders won it.

With the ball at the 2 1/2 yard line, Carr rolled out to his left, and threw a bullet low that Crabtree came down with.

The play was reviewed, upheld, and the Raiders were then tasked with the extra point, which wasn’t a given. The Raiders had two missed kicks earlier in the game. But they won with an extra point that barely snuck in, 31-30.

Raiders owner Mark Davis’ expression says it all:

See, not all Thursday Night Football is bad!