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Marshawn Lynch ejected for shoving an official during Chiefs-Raiders scuffle

This wasn’t good by Beast Mode.

Marshawn Lynch was ejected from the Raiders’ game against the Chiefs after making contact with an official.

The Chiefs and Raiders got into a scuffle after three Chiefs defenders landed on Derek Carr after the play was clearly over. The Raiders’ offensive line immediately came to Carr’s defense, starting the altercation.

Lynch got involved, and when a referee tried to separate them, Lynch wasn’t having it.

Lynch wasn’t in the game for the actual play and came on to the field, seemingly to just get both sides to stop. He likely wanted to protect his quarterback, but also get Marcus Peters out of the scrum, who he has been a mentor to over the years.

Wofford posted video of Lynch as he entered the tunnel:

But, Lynch did not leave the stadium entirely and got to watch his team rally back for a thrilling win.

According to ESPN’s Kevin Seifert, Lynch could be looking at a hefty cost for his actions:

Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch could be looking at a loss of more than $100,000 for that ridiculous display. First, Lynch is subject to a minimum fine of $30,387 for making contact with an official during that melee. That he came off the bench to join the fight makes him a candidate to be suspended, as well. That would cost him a game check of $79,411.

On Friday, the NFL announced that Lynch is suspended for one game.