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Iowa State, why did you delete this beautiful tweet after you whooped Texas Tech?

Don’t invite Iowa State to your Homecoming, btw.

Iowa State v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

It’s been a while since Iowa State football got to really talk some trash. After a blowout win, they took to Twitter to good and properly dunk on Texas Tech:

After all, it’s been a tough few years ... okay, fine, decades, for the Cyclones. Iowa State hasn’t won at least eight games, or finished in the AP Poll, since the 2000 season. They’ve been a perennial doormat in the Big 12 conference, making them a popular Homecoming opponent for other conference teams.

But this Iowa State squad isn’t your typical Iowa State squad. And now the tables have turned.

First, the Cyclones beat Oklahoma. Then, Saturday, they clobbered Texas Tech in Lubbock on the Red Raiders’ Homecoming, 31-13, thanks to a defense that forced three turnovers, and an efficient offense that converted 50 percent of its third downs.

Iowa State then deleted the tweet, but they shouldn’t have, because that is a truly excellent burn. If we can’t be petty about college football victories on Twitter, then what is even the point of the website at all?

This may not be their last chance to take a few swipes at conference rivals this season, by the way. Iowa State is now 5-2, and has a massive win over Oklahoma already, and should crack the AP Top 25 next week for the first time since 2005.

If they knock off another Big 12 team, here’s hoping they leave the tweets up for the world to see. Talk your talk, Iowa State.