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Steph Curry fined $50,000 for throwing his mouthpiece

Curry threw his mouthpiece at the referee for not calling a foul.

The Warriors are playing against the Dallas Mavericks on Monday night and Steph Curry will suit up.

Curry won’t face a suspension for throwing his mouthpiece, but he will receive a fine. The league is fining Curry $50,000 for throwing his mouthpiece, according to Sam Amick of USA Today. Andre Iguodala is receiving a $15,000 fine for subsequently yelling at an official.

Relatively speaking, that isn’t a very hefty fine for Curry. This could have easily led to a suspension considering that Curry previously tossed a mouthpiece in game six of the 2016 NBA Finals. In 2006, Udonis Haslem was actually suspended in a playoff game for throwing his mouthpiece in the direction of an official.

If Curry does this again, we may see a similar result.

After not getting a foul called on a drive to the rim during the Warriors’ Saturday night game against the Grizzlies, Stephen Curry — a two-time league MVP and two-time NBA champion — vaulted his mouthpiece at the baseline referee. He was immediately ejected from the game. Memphis went on to win, 111-101.

Durant was also ejected on the play, and his reaction to Grizzlies fans booing was to remind them he has a championship ring — or reminding them which finger he wears the ring on.

The Warriors aren’t having the best start to their season, and their two best players know it. To open the season, they lost to the Rockets. Then a day after beating the Pelicans, they were thoroughly outplayed by the Grizzlies.

Suffice it to say Curry and Durant weren’t happy campers, and they let their emotions boil over in the fourth quarter against Memphis on Saturday.

This shouldn’t give Warriors fans any reason to be concerned. This is a Golden State team with new parts, and they’re still working out the kinks in their chemistry. Championship teams don’t play for the regular season, they play for the May and June.

Draymond Green found some light in the situation, jokingly disagreeing that the Warriors can afford to have Curry and Durant ejected in just the third game of the season.

“We had two guys get ejected, which was unacceptable,” he joked via ESPN’s Chris Haynes. “If we’re going to win, have a possibility at winning another championship, guys can’t be getting ejected like that,” Green said. “So I’ve got to talk to those two guys and let them know that we need those guys on the floor and then maybe we can win a game. But right now, we’re not that good because guys are getting ejected.”

That conversation will probably look something like this: