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Dolphins WR Kenny Stills makes a circus catch from his back

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This looked a lot like Jermaine Kearse’s catch in Super Bowl XLIX.

Kenny Stills dropped his name into the list of catch of the year contenders Sunday with an acrobatic play against the New York Jets that he didn’t secure until he was on his back on the ground.

Originally, the play by the Miami Dolphins receiver was ruled incomplete, but replay showed Stills never went out of bounds and the ball never touched the ground.

That’s a pretty solid impression of the tip-drill catch made by Jermaine Kearse in the Super Bowl a couple year ago.

The 36-yard completion set up the Dolphins in the red zone, and one play later, Jay Cutler connected with Jarvis Landry for a 4-yard touchdown.

Throwing more jump balls to Stills might not be a bad idea.