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Chris Hogan reps 'Penn State lacrosse' on ‘Sunday Night Football’ intros

Hogan mostly played lacrosse, not football, in college.

Chris Hogan had an unusual route to the NFL. He played just one season of college football, for one thing. He played four years of lacrosse at Penn State.

He used his Sunday Night Football intro as a nod to his lacrosse days.

Hogan’s not the only player to have some fun with his Sunday Night Football intro. Aaron Rodgers has repped his junior college, Butte Community College, and Martellus Bennett said last year that he hails from the Imagination Agency, which is his company for creative pursuits.

Hogan was an all-conference player for Penn State. And even though lacrosse is very different from football, Hogan’s college coach said he played the sport like a football player.

“He was very physical and he was such an athlete,” Glenn Thiel said, via the Boston Globe.Physically, he could just overwhelm lacrosse players.’’

Hogan’s lacrosse background is serving him well in the NFL.