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Julio Jones’ angry TD against Malcolm Butler perfectly captured the mood of every Falcons fan

This is one of the angriest touchdowns in NFL history. It was spectacular.

The Falcons got dumped in the fog by the Patriots last night. I’m honestly glad it hindered the vision for some so they couldn’t see that mess. A win last night wasn’t going to cure any Super Bowl pain that remains for Falcons fans. But the way they took the L on Sunday night was rough.

At the end of the game, Julio Jones got a garbage time touchdown that was the perfect demonstration of the frustration he and anybody who cheers for the Falcons felt last night.

Look at him rip the ball out of Super Bowl Hero Malcolm Butler’s hands. Butler had the interception and Julio said, “I’m sick of this, give me that shit.”

Thankfully, that touchdown also avoided a shutout. It wasn’t quite the catch he had in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl that will go forgotten in history, but it was still damn good.

Despite the Falcons looking like a team heading for a nosedive last night, I appreciated this play. It was the only confirmation anybody needed to know that Julio and the rest of the Falcons know they can do better. But it was also nice to be able to relate in real time.

I understand Julio’s frustration in particular. He’s still in the top 10 in the NFL in yards this season, but we all know he’s better than that, along with the rest of the Falcons offense.

We’re all annoyed, but a regular season loss can’t hurt us anymore. Myself and other Falcons fans have seen the very bottom when it comes to sports heartbreak.

I don’t care if your team got beat in a conference finals by 20, blew a lead in a series, or any other Super Bowl. It doesn’t compare and it probably never will.

Sunday night was awful, but I’m glad I got to see Julio make Super Bowl Hero Malcolm Butler his son. He’s making a lovely habit of getting embarrassed by the Falcons.