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Chargers can’t study tape of the Patriots because of fog from ‘Sunday Night Football’

As if they weren’t already disadvantaged.

The Patriots embarrassed the Falcons on Sunday night in their Super Bowl LI rematch. For some in the stadium, the game was hard — and at times impossible — to see because of thick fog.

While that’s not great for the folks that were there, it seems the Los Angeles Chargers are going to suffer the most from the fog.

This is the All-22 film that they get to study this week prior to their game against New England:

The Patriots are already the best team in the NFL the past decade and a half. Bill Belichick is going to go down as one of if not the best coach of all time because of his run with New England. He’s known to not only get the most out of his players, but also strategically, even if he did cheat that one time.

The Chargers haven’t been particularly good and would obviously benefit from some clear tape. That’s not going to happen.

Part of me wants so desperately to think that Belichick intentionally had some fog roll into the stadium to make this happen.

“FogGate” coming to your TV, tablets, and phones soon, folks!

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