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JuJu Smith-Schuster’s stolen bike was returned, which has to be a first in history

Stealing bikes isn’t cool, y’all.

JuJu Smith-Schuster might be the first person to ever have their bike stolen, and have it returned in less than 24 hours.

On Tuesday, the Steelers’ rookie wide receiver posted a video of him walking to practice saying that somebody had stolen his bike.

He posted a video of himself biking home in the rain with his football helmet on from Monday, reminiscing on his old ride:

Antonio Brown is offering up a reward for whoever returns Smith-Schuster’s bike:

The bike didn’t turn up on Wednesday, and Smith-Schuster had to walk home from practice.

You gotta be a real jerk to steal something from somebody, but a bike!?

Lucky for Smith-Schuster, a man contacted Pittsburgh’s KDKA-TV late Tuesday night, and said he purchased the stolen bike earlier in the day. After learning it was stolen, he turned it over to police.

It appears that he regained possession of the bike around noon, based on his tweet:

Smith-Schuster’s bike got stolen two days after Martavis Bryant called him out on Instagram. Bryant has been unhappy with how he’s been used in the Steelers offense, and has said he wants to be traded if his role doesn’t change.

That’s not to imply that Bryant is the one who stole Smith-Schuster’s bike.

But would I be mad if Bryant did? No. Only because I would love to see the NFL get some real drama in it like the NBA that doesn’t involve numerous lawyers and courts and legal mumbo jumbo.

And if Bryant were to have taken it, Smith-Schuster would probably get it back and we’d have a happy ending — which happened regardless.

Congrats on getting your bike back, JuJu. A rare moment in history.

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