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Clemson, Ohio State and the scariest November college football mysteries

Let's figure out if we're actually scared of — or for —some of the bigger powers

On the latest episode of Wake Up, College Football, Dan and Richard step into the Halloween world to address the following college football topics:

• We play a game of "Trick or Treat" and try to figure out if Oklahoma, Ohio State, Washington, and Clemson are a product of talent and schedule or are actually dangerous.

• Who has the spookiest remaining schedule? Notre Dame with NC State, Miami, and Stanford? Georgia with Florida, Auburn, and Georgia Tech?

• Which relatively recent movie monsters would make for the best college football coaches?

• Which college football teams have the most in common with popular candy brands? Who's Snickers? Who's Twix? Who's Fun Dip? Who's Starburst?

We also make our picks for the weekend's biggest games, including Ohio State-Penn State, Washington-UCLA, NC State-Notre Dame, and West Virginia-TCU. In addition, we talk about our things to know, which include the fun success of Wake Forest QB John Wolford.

... and more!