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Grading Halloween costumes around the NFL in Week 8

Halloween is this week, and the NFL is celebrating on Sunday.

It’s the last Sunday before Halloween, and fans around the NFL have brought out their costumes. Some of course, are better than others.

We’ll keep this post updated with costumes from NFL fans and players throughout the day, and grade the costumes how we see fit.

Bills fan with a wrestling mask

Honestly, he looks like just about every other Bills fan in the stadium. But that looks like a really well put together mask.

Grade: A

Raiders fan with a skull helmet and shoulder pads

There’s a lot going on here. The helmet looks like it has bat wings but has a skull focus on the front. The fan is also wearing spiked shoulder pads on the right side, with skulls on the left.

Grade: B

Bills fan with a zombie mask

I imagine this isn’t a zombie, but a Bills fan on Monday morning after a Sunday with heavy drinking and questionable decisions.

Grade: C

Patriots fan as a witch

This is a wonderfully orange hat that we have here, with some feathers, and purple and orange ribbons draped down the side.

The most horrifying part of the costume might be that Patriots logo though.

Grade: C

Saints fans as pink popes

This one’s self explanatory, but it appears (based on the breast cancer ribbon) this is a costume that also raises breast cancer awareness.

Grade: A

Jordan Roos as a minion

I mean, you can’t beat a minion costume.

Grade: A


This completely adorable and intrepid little guy or girl just won first prize in every costume contest that has ever existed:

A hero can be anyone.

Grade: A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

We’ve got an alien in Seattle

This one is weird looking, and probably not great for the people sitting behind them as far as a nice viewing experience.

Gotta take points for not being a good member of the 12s.

Grade: B

Seahawks fan dressed as Wonder Woman

I mean, she’s even got the white gloves. This costume is perfect.

Grade: A

Lions fan dressed as Hulk Hogan

This looks like Dwight Schrute dressed like Hulk Hogan with Dee Snyder hair and not going to lie, it’s a kind of a mess.

Grade: D