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Cowboys vs. Washington game interrupts a Corona commercial with perfect timing

Usually commercials interrupt the game. Not this time.

The problem with commercials during NFL games is that they interrupt the action on the field and slow everything down. The Cowboys and Washington got some revenge on Sunday when the game interrupted a commercial instead of vice versa.

Seriously, the timing could not be more perfect. The broadcast cuts back to the game action just as the actress in the commercial says, “Wow.”

These nice people are just trying to enjoy some cold ones and watch a perfect sunset on the beach. Then pesky football butts in and ruins it.

It wasn’t the first time there was a weird interruption on Sunday. The Eagles’ win over the 49ers was interrupted by a random James Franco cameo, and then the broadcast was accidentally switched to Panthers vs. Buccaneers for a few seconds.

The Cowboys have a one-point lead over Washington at the half. It’s a pretty exciting game, so we can’t really blame them for switching the broadcast back mid-commercial.