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Deshaun Watson told Alfred Blue to block for him, so Blue destroyed a guy

It got the Texans a first down and extended a drive.

Deshaun Watson is having himself a game against the Seahawks. In the third quarter, he extended a drive by rushing for a first down.

That’s not really out of the ordinary for quarterbacks, even rookies. But it was third down, with 14 yards to go. Watson also saw a Seahawks defender coming at him and had the awareness to motion for teammate Alfred Blue to make the block.

And does Blue ever make the block. Blue absolutely wrecks the guy, which lets Watson get enough yards to get a first down before being knocked out of bounds.

The drive culminated in a Ka’imi Fairbairn field goal. It gave the Texans a 24-21 lead over the Seahawks in a close game where every point is going to matter.