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Here are the best Halloween costumes from the Broncos vs. Chiefs ‘Monday Night Football’ game

Some are better than others. All effort is appreciated, though.

It feels like Halloween has been celebrated for at least the past four days. It’s on a Tuesday this year, so folks had to wear their costumes ahead of time — at least most of us.

Arrowhead Stadium is one of the best venues in the NFL with some of the best fans, and they came out in their best Halloween costumes for Monday Night Football.

We’ll update this post throughout the night, and grade them as they come along.

A clown with a beheaded horse

I mean, of all nights to be carrying a horse head mask, this is the one.

Grade: A

A Chiefs fan werewolf

I mean, this is cool. The person inside the costume is still supporting their team with the gear. Just kinda dull.

Grade: C

A macho man

He seems very unbearable to be around.

Grade: F


FOLKS, this one ain’t hard to grade. I’m going to say Beetlejuice a second time and maybe ...

maybe somebody else can say it a third.

Grade: A

Alice in Wonderland

The wig, makeup, and outfit is great, along with the Mad Hatter. A great group effort by these two.

Grade: A