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Jerry Jones thinks Roger Goodell is overcorrecting with the Ezekiel Elliott suspension

As long as things are convenient for the Cowboys, Jones isn’t worried about domestic violence.

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Jerry Jones appeared on 105.3 The Fan Tuesday morning and voiced his displeasure with Monday night’s court decision to uphold the six-game suspension against Ezekiel Elliott.

“The ruling has more to do with the scope of the commissioner’s authority, not really a bearing over whether Zeke is guilty of domestic violence or not” Jones said. “I am very troubled by the swings we’ve had.”

Jones going after Goodell here isn’t a surprise. Goodell has been waiting for a contract extension from NFL owners, and it’s been reported that, “If not for Jerry, this deal would be done.”

Jones started some campaigning in July, saying there was “absolutely nothing” that would show Elliott had anything to do with domestic violence. Once Elliott’s suspension came down in August, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Jones as “furious” with the league’s six-game sentence.

Elliott’s case has been a complicated one. Monday night, The New York Southern District Court denied Elliott a preliminary injunction, which would have kept his suspension on hold.

The suspension was on hold because the same court gave Elliott a temporary restraining order until the judge assigned to the case returned from vacation to evaluate the NFLPA’s motion for the preliminary injunction. Upon returning, that was denied.

But Jones didn’t stop at being “troubled” by the back-and-forth court battle that Elliott and the NFL are in.

In his interview Jones also said, “Two years ago this wouldn’t be an issue; before Ray Rice. This wouldn’t be an issue because the commissioner shows where he really wants to come down, when he did Ray Rice.”

Jones is being quite the hypocrite here, since well, he said the NFL made the right call to suspend Rice indefinitely for his domestic violence incident.

Rice was arrested in 2014 for assaulting his then-girlfriend and now wife, Janay Rice. The NFL initially suspended him two games, but after video surfaced of him punching her and knocking her unconscious, he received an indefinite suspension from the league and was released by the Ravens.

“Institutions have always been in the process of correcting … usually behind the curve. Then they really react, then they turn around and overreact, and they have to come back to the middle” said Jones.

These comments by Jones are — at best — a joke. While on the surface he’s discussing his displeasure with the commissioner’s absolute power, there’s more to it.

He’s coming across as dismissive of domestic violence, an issue he’s flip-flopped on multiple times. I mean, we are talking about the guy who signed Greg Hardy.

But Jerry Jones is who he is: an NFL owner who looks out for his own agenda, which knows no limits. He’s overlooked domestic violence for the success of his team and held grudges against the commissioner.