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Yasiel Puig licked his bat and then made a face when he realized it tasted like bat

I don’t know why either.

Yasiel Puig was at the plate in Game 1 of the NLDS when he had an idea. It was a bad idea. But for once, Puig was going to follow his impulses. So he licked his bat.

I mean, look ...

what did you think was going to happen?

If you think this is weird, it is! If you think this is exceptionally weird, well, it isn’t. There’s a strange history of players getting foodstuffs off their bats. Take Jose Constanza, for one.

He really sells that one. If he was concerned that his bat tasted like possum, he didn’t let us know, and I can respect that.

I’m more impressed, though, with Melky Cabrera back in the day:

What could that possibly have been? What would you eat off a tarred bat? A jalapeno? Nah, I’m good. A square from a Heath bar? Nah, I’m good. A moth? Maybe, but probably not, wait, what, no.

In this context, Yasiel Puig licked his bat, and then he regretted it. On the scale of inexplicable bat-lickings, this ranks low. At least he expressed remorse. You don’t think that’s important.

But at least he expressed remorse.