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The Rams' potential game-winning touchdown went off Cooper Kupp's hands

Los Angeles was so close to a 4-1 start.

The Los Angeles Rams were a Cooper Kupp catch away from a 4-1 start to the season and a two-game lead over the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals. Instead, the Jared Goff pass bounced off Kupp’s hands and the Rams lost to the Seahawks, 16-10.

The critical drop for the Rams came on a third down on the 20-yard line with less 10 seconds remaining. While it wasn’t the easiest catch to make, it was certainly one Kupp should’ve had and will leave a sour taste in the Rams’ mouths.

Goff went back to Kupp on fourth down, but the receiver was double covered and the pass fell short.

The rookie receiver was a third-round pick in April after a tremendously productive career at Eastern Washington and has been favored target for Kupp early in the season. He finished Sunday with three receptions for 44 yards, but couldn’t haul in the game-winner.

Ultimately, it was five turnovers for the Rams that doomed the team offensively, including two interceptions thrown by Goff.

With the loss, the Rams are 3-2 and tied with the Seahawks for the NFC West lead. But the drop from Kupp will be a hard one to get over.