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Russell Wilson's Pete Carroll Halloween costume did not impress Pete Carroll

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There was no shortage of great costumes in the sports world to celebrate Halloween. Russell Wilson’s costume was Seahawks-centric, and hilarious.

Wilson posted a video of himself with a gray wig, headset, long-sleeve Seahawks shirt, khakis, and a pair of white dad shoes. He was obviously Pete Carroll.

The best part? The excessive gum chewing. Carroll goes to town a piece of chewing gum like it’s his job, as if there is a Fitbit or some other exercise contraption in his mouth that he’s gotta meet a chew count on for the day.

Wednesday morning, the only part of the costume Carroll felt Wilson got right was the shoes.

I can sense a little salt in that gum.

Wilson wore the outfit to Seattle Children’s hospital, where he’s a regular visitor. To see an idol of theirs dressed up for Halloween was probably a nice treat for them on one of the best holidays of the year, especially since they couldn’t be at home.

Way to go, Russ.