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Stephon Marbury and Jimmer Fredette got into an in-game altercation in China

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Jimmer reportedly wanted a foul called, but Marbury got all ball in his block.

Stephon Marbury rejected Jimmer Fredette’s layup in the third quarter of a Chinese Basketball Association game, and Jimmer turned around and shoved him, leading to an on-court altercation between two former NBA players:

It appears Fredette wanted a foul called for the play, but Marbury got all ball on the block:

On top of that, Starbury was the guy who paved the way for basketball players to create a second career in China after it didn’t work out in the NBA. Jimmer’s brother, T.J. Fredette, even acknowledged this fact to ESPN’s Kevin Wang:

“The sky is the limit in China for Jimmer, and the opportunities are only growing. Stephon Marbury proved that you don’t have to be in the NBA to have an incredible professional basketball career, and I see Jimmer following in his footsteps.”

That’s probably why Marbury walked Fredette down like prey and talked that talk after getting shoved:

Jimmer had no business touching a basketball legend like that. Maybe next time he’ll think twice.