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Virginia scores touchdown on HANDOFF THROUGH A DUDE'S LEGS

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Wait, what did he just do?


The Virginia Cavaliers took an early lead on the road at Louisville on Saturday, but the touchdown was the result of an, umm, unusual handoff.

Facing second-and-goal from the 7-yard line, Virginia QB Kurt Benkert rolled to his right from the shotgun, drawing the defensive line. Instead of keeping it or pitching to the back, Benkert ran behind sophomore tailback Chris Sharp and handed him the ball THROUGH HIS LEGS.

Sharp rolled out, found a hole, and dove the final four yards into the endzone for the touchdown.

Tupelo Christian Prep School in Mississippi pulled off a similar play back in 2015. In this situation, the running back stayed still and waited until the line was shifting right before surprising the defense with the cutback left.

Louisville answered with a Lamar Jackson 75-yard touchdown, a 40-yard field goal, and a 14-yard touchdown by Seth Dawkins to take a 17-7 lead partway through the second quarter.