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We just thought you should know that Appalachian State basketball just beat a team by 101 points

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Stop what you’re doing and look at this box score.

Friday, I wrote a blog celebrating all these crazy D3/NAIA schools that play in college basketball’s opening week. This is the time for all those tiny schools that sound like golf tournaments or insurance companies to shine, after all.

Sometimes, those tiny schools win, or almost win, like Our Lady of the Lake did yesterday, losing to Texas A&M Corpus Christi by just a point.

Other times...well, those games aren’t close. This is one of those games.

Folks, Appalachian State just beat Toccoa Falls by 101 points. Final score: 135-34.

A few quick notes of the carnage here:

  • Toccoa Falls shot just 15.9 percent from the floor, including just 3 of 25 from downtown. Only one player, Nick Hayes, hit double figures (13 points).
  • Appalachian State shot 62.5 percent from the floor, 51.3 percent from three-point land (20 of 39), and had seven players hit double figures.
  • The Mountaineers posted a 76-24 rebounding advantage, and a 31-6 assists advantage.

Appalachian State isn’t projected to be a particularly excellent team, for what it’s worth. Its preseason KenPom ranking was a pedestrian 225, and it probably won’t make the NCAA Tournament.

But it’s still a Division 1 university with a big enrollment and athletic budget. Its opponent, Toccoa Falls, has an enrollment of just 1,252 undergraduates. It has played three games so far, against NAIA squads, and gave up over 100 points in each of them (all losses). This wasn’t a fair fight.

Still, overmatched opponent or not, beating a team by 101 dang points is pretty impressive.