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Bears had a first-and-goal, but a terrible John Fox challenge turned it into a Packers touchback

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Well, this blew up in John Fox’s face.

The Chicago Bears challenged and hoped to get a touchdown that would cut into the Green Bay Packers’ 10-3 lead. Instead, the review proved costly when officials ruled the play was a fumble that hit the pylon, giving the Packers a touchback.

Running back Benny Cunningham converted a first-down on a pass from Mitchell Trubisky when he escaped down the right sideline for 23 yards. He was originally ruled out of bounds at the 2-yard line, but Bears coach John Fox thought he stayed in long enough to dive for the pylon.

His challenge was ill-advised:

That call is about as clear as it gets. Because Cunningham lost control of the ball before reaching the goal line, it’s a fumble. And because that fumble hits the pylon, it’s ruled as a fumble through the end zone, which is a touchback for the defense.

What would’ve been a first-and-goal situation for the Bears on the 2 turned into a possession for the Packers.

It’s a close play that Fox definitely shouldn’t have challenged. If he didn’t, Packers coach Mike McCarthy would’ve been wise to do so. That’s a tough pill to swallow for the Bears.