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Saints P Thomas Morstead shows how good his team’s offense was Sunday with one tweet

Morstead didn’t punt a single time against the Bills.

The Saints got their seventh straight win on Sunday over the Bills in Buffalo. They did it without punting the ball a single time.

Punter Thomas Morstead wasn’t upset about not getting any work.

Drew Brees doesn’t belong on the inactives list, but he had an uncharacteristically quiet game, too. He finished 18-of-25 for 184 yards and no passing touchdowns.

The Saints ran away with this one, literally. They put up 298 yards and six touchdowns on the ground. They did it against a rushing defense that went into Week 10 ranked No. 8 in the league after allowing 94.4 yards per game. And the Saints defense allowed the Bills just 10 points. Buffalo never stood a chance.

If the Saints keep running the ball like this, Morstead may not get many punting opportunities for the rest of the season.