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Broncos set up 2 Patriots TDs with both too many and too few players on the field

You’re supposed to have 11 men on the field, Broncos.

The correct amount of players to have on the field is 11. On back-to-back drives, the Denver Broncos didn’t get that right and it cost them a touchdown against the New England Patriots.

First, it was the Broncos defense that sent just 10 players out to try to defend Tom Brady the New England offense. That didn’t work. Shocker.

With 11 players on the field for every play on the next Patriots drive, the Broncos got a stop. But they screwed up the amount of players again, with 12 on the New England punt, gifting the team a first down.

Usually it’s Brady snapping quickly to burn a team trying to substitute, but this time it was the Patriots punting unit. Broncos defensive lineman Shelby Harris couldn’t quite get off in time and New England got a free first down. It extended the drive and the Patriots finished it with a touchdown.

Aside from the Broncos’ personnel and substitution problems, the mistake was also another example of the Patriots schooling them on special teams Sunday night. New England already has a kick return touchdown and a blocked punt.

The Broncos got some things they need to get figured out and fast.