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Bills streaker's mom supports her son in the sweetest way possible

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He’s in some hot water for his naked sprinting adventure at New Era Field, but his mom still thinks he’s the best.

A mother’s love is unconditional. That holds true even when you get caught streaking at a Bills game.

Tristan Lambright, 29, was arrested Sunday for running across New Era Field totally naked. He was charged with criminal trespassing, public lewdness, and exposure of a person — in this case, himself.

His mother, Kari Snyder Parker, found out about the incident when her husband called her from Las Vegas to let her know.

"I thought, 'That's my son.' He is a free spirit, with no bad intentions,” Snyder Parker told Jane Kwiatkowski Radlich of the Buffalo News.

Her husband left out one minor detail. Her son wasn’t wearing any clothes when he ran across the field.

Her son’s big adventure was probably more exciting for Bills fans than any other part of the 47-10 beatdown the Saints handed Buffalo on Sunday. Since it happened, Snyder Parker has received an outpouring of support from friends, many of whom want her to know that her son is “hot.”

"Friends are coming out of the woodwork," Snyder Parker said. "I mean I always knew he was cute."

Lambright’s in some hot water for his streaking escapades on Sunday. At least he has the unwavering support of his mom.