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NBA scores 2017: The Knicks almost beat the Cavaliers, but LeBron James stopped them

Plus, everything else from a wild Monday night.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are, back at it again with an other episode of NBA scores for the poor souls who missed basketball on Monday night.

Let’s get you up to speed:

The Knicks blew a 23-point lead

New York was up big before LeBron James took over and snatched a potential victory away like a mother snatches candy from a poorly performing child. He was booed by Madison Square Garden and got into a shoving match with both Enes Kanter and Frank Ntilikina, but James finished with 23 points, 12 assists, nine rebounds, and three blocks.

More importantly, James hit the go-ahead, side-step triple over Kristaps Porzingis.

Joel Embiid wrecked DeAndre Jordan

This tweet should be all you need to know about the night Embiid had:

Embiid finished with 32 points and 16 rebounds. And he made Jordan look one step behind at least once:

Blake Griffin is still hitting threes

Griffin had 29 points on 10-of-25 shooting in the Clippers’ loss to the 76ers, including 3-of-8 shooting from downtown. The LA star has made at least one three-pointer in each game of the regular season.

Monday night’s NBA scores

76ers 109, Clippers 105

Cavaliers 104, Knicks 101

Bucks 110, Grizzlies 103

Wizards 110, Kings 92

Pelicans 106, Hawks 105

Timberwolves 109, Jazz 98

Lakers 100, Suns 93

Trail Blazes 99, Nuggets 82

Warriors 110, Magic 100