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Joel Embiid clowned the Clippers on and off the court after Willie Reed made him mad

Embiid dropped 32 points on Los Angeles, but that was far from the worst of it.

What Joel Embiid did to the Los Angeles Clippers is the most thorough, most brutal evisceration of an opposing team that has happened in the NBA this season. Yes, Embiid scored 32 points and grabbed 16 rebounds in the 109-105 win Monday, and, yes, the 76ers were an incredible plus-23 in his 36 minutes (!!) on the court, but this went far beyond the game itself.

The Clippers can’t even feel bad for themselves. They started it, and Embiid showed them no mercy.

Willie Reed commits a flagrant-1 against Embiid

Reed is terribly undersized in this most matchup against Embiid, but you can’t just pull the man down for no reason. Embiid gets up quickly, but the two parties are separated. That’s fine. Embiid has been angered.

And he laughs at Reed while shooting his free throws.

And also mocks Reed in the huddle.

Embiid stares down Blake Griffin after dunking

The thumbnail says it all. Embiid knows exactly what he’s doing.

Then Embiid taunts DeAndre Jordan

I mean ... did you see how badly Jordan bit on Embiid’s pump fake on the dunk above?

Embiid helps foul out Jordan and Reed

After fouling out Jordan with 2:21 left in the fourth quarter, Embiid reacts like this.

With 22 seconds remaining, Reed fouls out. It was a foul he had to take to extend the game, but he had reached five personal fouls due to guarding Embiid, who is just an enormous, physical, and dominating presence. It’s hard to do anything but foul him. (Embiid averages 6.9 fouls drawn per game this season, fifth most in the league.)

On TV moments later, Embiid doesn’t know Reed’s name.

“I just wanted to go inside,” Embiid says, “especially against DJ and, uh, I don’t know what’s his name,” referring to Reed.

This, actually, feels like the most innocent of Embiid’s gestures. I believe he legitimately just forgot Reed’s name. Of course, that makes the burn even more ruthless, but maybe this is on Reed to be more notable.

Embiid talks about how Reed can’t guard him

Here, Embiid says: “He just did what he had to do, that was fouling me. And he got a technical [flagrant] because he couldn't guard me.”