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Brandon Ingram used a referee as a towel without thinking twice

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He was cool about it, too!

The long awaited matchup between Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons’ Sixers against Lonzo Ball’s Lakers is finally here. Little did you know, the referees would play a big part — at least when it came to taking care of the players.

In the early minutes, Brandon Ingram used the referee as a towel to wipe his hands after failing to dry them on his shorts.

The referee and Ingram both laughed it off, which is pretty great. You’re typically not allowed to put your hands on a referee, but he understood Ingram’s needs, and obliged.

You can’t blame Ingram for not wanting to wipe his hands on those slick Minneapolis Lakers jerseys. They’re too pretty for any added perspiration.

If that official gets a call wrong, hopefully Ingram remembers that he was able to use him as a towel, and perhaps not be so tough in case it goes against the Lakers.