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Luke Walton described exactly how Joel Embiid shredded the Lakers

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Walton was at a loss for words. And then, he just let it all out.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Los Angeles Lakers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Joel Embiid had a historic night in Philly’s win over the Lakers Wednesday night. He became the first player to ever score 46 points on 20 shot attempts while simultaneously posting 15 rebounds, seven blocks, and seven assists.

In fact, Embiid had 19 points on 6-of-7 shooting in the fourth quarter alone. He was so good that when Lakers head coach Luke Walton was asked what went wrong down the stretch against the Sixers’ star big man, he was temporarily at a loss for word.

And then, he just let it all out.

We looked at the tape, and every single point Walton made was true.

“He’s a handful down there, and obviously, you get a nice whistle, it makes it even more challenging.”

Here’s Brandon Ingram blocking Embiid’s shot before Embiid grabs his own rebound, gets the bucket and the foul. He made 16 of his 19 free throws on the night and six of his seven attempts in the fourth quarter:

And-one, ref.

“One [defensive coverage] is to double from the baseline, but our rotational man didn’t get there in time.”

This weak-side closeout is probably good enough on most players not named Embiid:

The Lakers didn’t even try this time:

“We doubled off the cutter one time, and when they saw us do that, they made the cutter J.J. Redick so they could space him back out as a shooter.”

Oddly enough, Embiid’s only miss in the fourth quarter came with Redick spacing the floor like this:

When Redick cut, it turned into this:

“He’s a heck of a player. He’s hitting pull-up 18-footers.”

Nothing special here, folks. It’s all in the scouting report.

“They used him as the man to enter the ball into the post, and he’s relocating to the strong side corner and hitting threes.”

It’s even worse when the man he’s dumping the ball in the post to is Ben Simmons, who commands an entire triple team before kicking it back out to Embiid.

“So he’s ... He’s a ... He’s uhh ... He’s a problem”

So nice, you gotta see it twice.

Embiid is like Ghost from Power: whatever they say he did, he did that. And if they say he made history, the 76ers’ outlook looks brighter than his Wednesday night against the Lakers.