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Jerry Jones, NFL have a ridiculous idea to attract new fans in latest episode of 'South Park'

Jerry Jones was a central figure in the latest episode of South Park.

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The NFL has been a favorite subject for South Park over the years, and it was in the show’s crosshairs again this week.

In the episode, one of the characters, Timmy, did a science project that made water bears more intelligent. Jerry Jones, who represented the NFL in the episode, took interest in the experiment as a potential solution to the problems the league has faced with losing fans, particularly due to player protests and concussions.

“We’ve been experimenting with water bears to see how to make them fans,” Jones says.

South Park was much nicer to Jones this time than they were in a 2014 episode that featured Roger Goodell as a malfunctioning robot. The show also did an episode in 2015 that clowned the DeflateGate saga.

Jones has been in the headlines often in 2017 for his battles with owners and Goodell, as well as his hardline stance against player protests. But South Park left that alone and portrayed Jones, Goodell and other NFL brass as bumbling fools that didn’t know how to handle the backlash of protests and concussions.

It’s hard to argue with that portrayal. The episode can be watched in full on Hulu (subscription required).