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Stephen Curry missed a free throw, rebounded it, and then drained a three-pointer

The Warriors continue to invent new ways to play basketball.

Fact: Stephen Curry is one of the greatest three point shooters of all time. He makes shooting threes look easy. In the Warriors game against the Celtics, he seemed to have decided that they were too easy. Now, Curry has moved on to creating four-point plays.

Take notes, y’all. First, Curry gets fouled. He drains the first free throw and misses the second.

Then, he lets the rebound come back to him.

Then, he stares the Celtics defense down and pulls up for three with no hesitation.

And you know the shot went in — it’s Curry. The shot was initially ruled as the longest two-pointer of all time, but we all knew better.

The Warriors are too good. We’re living in 2017 and they’re in 2077. They continue to invent new ways to play the game and we’re all just trying to keep up.