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The Houston Rockets just scored 90 points in one half against the Suns

James Harden had 33 of them.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Houston Rockets Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Every time they play, James Harden and the Rockets seem to be ripping nets to shreds. They’re doing it right now against the Phoenix Suns on national television.

The Rockets scored 90 points in the first half and probably left a lot more on the table. Harden alone had 33, and the Rockets got up 46 shots. The Suns scored 65 themselves, but that was really because the Rockets were on cruise control. Why even bother defending if you’re just going to break the scoreboard anyway?

First of all, here are a few cold, hard facts to put the Rockets’ huge half into perspective:

Ouch. Sorry, Pistons fans.

Sad but true — unless you’re a Celtics fan.

I’m afraid to see what the second half will look like.

The Rockets were 17 points shy of the record for points in a half. The Suns, believe it or not, scored 107 points in a half in 1990, according to Basketball-Reference.

Here’s a glimpse at what that first half looked like.

How are the Rockets doing this?

They’re not squandering any of their possessions. They’ve gotten up 46 shots so far in this one and only have six turnovers on the night. Every single possession for them has been effective tonight and has led to this new season high in scoring for a half.

But you can put up as many shots as you want. You still have to hit them, and it’s a make-or-miss league. The Rockets are hitting them at a high clip and are shooting 60 percent from the floor. They also shot 12-of-20 from deep in the half.

Harden was special, too

Harden took 12 shots and scored 33 points in the half. He’s certainly in the conversation for MVP this season, and starts like this are why. He’s been the most efficient offensive player in the league this season. He makes defenders look silly.

Look at how crisp this eurostep is:

And he made every single three he took:

And at some point, everything just starts to work for you. That was this play for Harden and the Rockets:

The Rockets are continuing their trend of blistering offense, and it’s really fun to watch unless your favorite team is on the other end of it. Either way, it’s something you just have to appreciate.