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The Rams and Saints are leaning on their offensive lines, and it’s working

Retired NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz is back with his blocks of the week! And this week’s best blockers say a lot about two of the league’s hottest teams.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

I know I say this every week, but this week we have the BEST blocks for Disrespectful Blocks of the Week! We cover base blocks, blocks on the move, and a wide receiver crushing a safety!

I love when wide receivers get into the mix. It fires me up, but more importantly, it fires up his offense. As usual, this project can’t happen without y’all, so thank you for sending in suggestions each weekend.

And we are off!

The New Orleans Saints offensive line is playing better than any other OL in the NFL right now. The Saints went into Buffalo last weekend and bullied the Bills. Terron Armstead is their super talented left tackle, and here on a Drew Brees scramble for a touchdown, he leads the way.

Notice that through the entire play, Armstead is engaged with his defender, notices that Brees is about the run, spins out, and TOSSES this defender 4 yards downfield. LOL! The strength and power here is remarkable.

Maybe the second best offensive line at the moment is the Rams’, whose total offense is on pace to be a top-10 all-time scoring offense. Left guard Rodger Saffold has finally been reaching his potential. Here he crushes a defender on an influence block on a trap play. It’s always a good thing when your hands are inside, feet are moving. A pancake is soon to follow.

The Panthers had their best rushing game of the season against Miami on Monday night. As usual, their guards were physical. This block right here is more of a teaching moment than anything else. Trai Turner used a splash, or snatch, technique here against a defender whose weight is too far forward during a bull rush. This technique isn’t used as much anymore as the game gets younger, but it can be so effective. I’m glad Trai still keeps it alive.

We got two from the Vikings on Sunday.

First, we start with Joe Berger, the elder statesman on the Vikings OL. He knocks down a pass rusher trying to twist. Then he finishes off his buddy who’s trying to get up. The Vikings center is rookie Pat Eflein who’s starting to round into shape. Here is Pat on a back block. He’s using his brute strength to hip toss this defender and uses his ass to lay on him. I love the finish!

And last but certainly not least, look at Mohamed Sanu of the Falcons demolishing Cowboys safety Jeff Heath. If you watched this game, you may have noticed that Sanu was looking to block all day and looking for a way to deliver a blow and help his run game. Well, he gets it here and everyone in that offensive room will give Sanu props for this! Good work.