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LeBron James embarrassed Austin Rivers right in front of Doc Rivers

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Everyone gets crossed over, but not everyone gets crossed over while his dad has a front row seat.

Even in the age of unicorns, LeBron James can still humiliate defenders in a manner that we rarely see in the league. On Friday, his victim was poor Austin Rivers. Here is James dancing around, nearly dropping him to the ground, and finishing with the easy layup through the defense.

What’s worse: James did it with Doc Rivers, Austin’s dad, standing on the sideline right in front of the play. Cavaliers play-by-play announcer Fred McLeod didn’t miss a chance to note that.

“LeBron, inside, saying, ‘Doc, I’m sorry, I had to teach your son a lesson,’” McLeod exclaims.

Doc probably won’t lose too much sleep over Austin’s brief mishaps, but the 118-113 loss in overtime to Cleveland is tougher, especially since this is the team’s seventh straight.