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Mike Wallace somehow caught this TD pass, then did the Lambeau Leap in Green Bay

Packers fans couldn’t be *too* mad about this one.

The Ravens’ offense hasn’t given anybody much to watch this season, but Mike Wallace and Joe Flacco connected for one of the nicest touchdown catches we’ve seen this season.

Wallace was being draped by Damarious Randall, when he somehow was able to find the football, cradle it, and hold onto it for the touchdown.

If you’re Randall, you can’t be too mad about that catch, that’s just damn good football.

After the touchdown, Wallace did the Lambeau Leap:

The fans seemed more receptive of Wallace than other players, and it’s kinda hard to blame them. Even though he plays for the other team, that was a sick catch. He deserves some kudos.

But if the Packers had Aaron Rodgers playing quarterback this fine afternoon, maybe they wouldn’t be so friendly. You know, since they’d have a much better chance and all.