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NFL agrees to play games in Mexico through 2021 season

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Fans in Mexico have packed Estadio Azteca to watch NFL games, and they’ll get the chance to continue for years to come.

NFL: International Series-Houston Texans at Oakland Raiders Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

On the day the New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders are set to meet in Mexico, the NFL announced an agreement with the Mexico Ministry of Tourism that will guarantee a game annually through 2021.

The NFL’s attempts to play games in Mexico date back to 1968, but the first regular season game wasn’t played there until 2005 and then not again until 2016. The game Sunday will be only the third regular season game ever played in Mexico, but the NFL intends to keep that relationship moving forward.

The NFL has been clear about its intentions to expand its brand internationally with other countries, including Canada, Germany and/or China, as priorities. The success of ventures into Mexico and England have been hard to ignore.

Fans have filled Estadio Azteca in Mexico City to watch previous NFL games, even packing in more than 100,000 fans for preseason games. With this new agreement, that relationship with Mexican fans promises to continue to blossom.