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Bengals CB Dre Kirkpatrick would have had a 100-yard pick-6 if a ghost hadn’t caused him to fumble

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That’s the only possible explanation.

The Bengals almost had a 100-yard pick-six against the Broncos. But cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick fumbled it, then recovered it at the 1-yard line.

Kirkpatrick intercepted the ball in the end zone and ran it all the way back to nearly score.

Nobody’s going to catch him. And none of the Broncos players are even close enough to get a hand on the ball. But the ball looks like it took on a life of its own and just jumped right out of his hands.

Is Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium haunted? Because the only plausible explanation here is that a ghost forced this fumble.

Kirkpatrick lost the ball around the Broncos 15-yard line. At least he made up some ground with the recovery, which put the Bengals in an easy spot to score.

Kirkpatrick was winded after the return, and for good reason. He also made NFL history with the play.

The Bengals did score three plays later on a 1-yard pass from Andy Dalton to tight end Tyler Kroft. Randy Bullock’s PAT attempt was no good, so the Bengals took a 6-0 lead.