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Stephen Gostkowski’s 62-yard field goal in Mexico City would have been good from 70

Gostkowski hit a new career-high mark with this one.

Stephen Gostkowski set a new career high on Sunday against the Raiders. He booted in a 62-yard field goal during Sunday’s game in Mexico City.

Gostkowski nailed this one like it was nothing. He had so much air under it that it would have easily been good from even farther.

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The altitude likely helped here. This game is being played at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, which is 7,380 feet above sea level. That’s 2,100 feet higher than Denver’s Mile High Stadium. That thin air makes it easier for the ball to travel farther.

Gostkowski’s previous personal best was a 58-yarder in Week 4 of this season against the Panthers. It’s also a new high mark for the Patriots.

The field goal gave the Patriots a 17-0 lead over the Raiders going into the half.