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Tony Romo knew the Raiders were going to blow it on this play

The Patriots took advantage of the Raiders defense, and Romo saw it coming.

Tony Romo noticed that the Raiders put rookie safety Obi Melifonwu in a bad spot during Oakland’s Mexico City matchup against the Patriots. He knew exactly what Tom Brady was going to do about it.

“This is a bust,” Romo says before the snap. “You’e got the rookie right here, it’s one of his first games playing, and he’s got no help over the top.”

Brady reads the coverage and hits Brandin Cooks for a 64-yard touchdown.

Melifonwu didn’t do himself any favors.

“Why are you down here? There’s nobody helping you out here,” Romo says. “And Melifonwu has got to learn that.”

The play gave the Patriots a 24-0 lead over the Raiders in Mexico City. And Romo, once again, saw it coming.